Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's day

Where do I begin... at the begining the end~ today it is hard for me to think of stories about my sister Brianna. Maybe now I will just mention all the wonderful things about her. She was a beautiful daughter, sweet sister, happy and very proud mother
a wife, lover of all animals. I remember her laugh.. I still can hear it in my head~ Since her death I try to take on her positive characteristics. Brie was such a easy going, positive, happy person. I am so thankful the last time I was with her the time was filled with laughter....lots of food, wine and so much laughter.

This Mothers Day is particularly hard one for all of us. This picture captured her last Mother's day~Three years seems sooo long yet it can feel like yesterday. In all these blurred days so much has happened so much I want to tell you~We miss you so much sweet one